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The Pink Tarha is an award-winning lifestyle blog in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Known as a pioneer in the blogging scene of Saudi Arabia, The Pink Tarha was founded in 2009 by four friends: Janelle, Reina, Jel, and Maan. They started the blog to show what it was like to live and work in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as twenty-something ladies and expats. It’s been almost 15 years and The Pink Tarha is still here.

The name is made up of “pink” because it symbolizes the women behind the blog and “tarha” which is the street term for the veil worn by women, mostly expats, in Saudi Arabia. In 2009 and the years before the Kingdom’s opening, women are always asked to wear the tarha by the religious police.

In 2010, Maan left the group to pursue a transfer in her career. In 2011, Sheila joined the team but left in 2014 to start her family. In 2015, Jel left Saudi Arabia and returned to the Philippines. In 2016, Janelle and Reina continued The Pink Tarha and they have always been The Pink Tarha since then.

Janelle and Reina of The Pink Tarha

The Pink Tarha has achieved a lot of firsts in terms of blogging, social media, and content creation. Known as a dependable and credible source of all things Saudi, The Pink Tarha is a guide to all lifestyle topics: travels, shopping, food, entertainment, events, how-tos and more! The Pink Tarha has also won numerous awards and accolades including the Best Website Promoting Tourism in the Saudi Excellence in Tourism Awards 2015 and being a a part of the 100 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf by Illustrado Magazine for four years. 

In 2022, The Pink Tarha lost their Facebook page for reasons unknown (communicated with Meta to no avail). They have since revived it to The Riyadhizen by TPT. Please visit their social media in the following accounts:

For anything and everything, email The Pink Tarha at thepinktarha@gmail.com or message in their social media accounts.