The Pink Tarha Mornings 2

We are so blessed to be able to hold another workshop in our The Pink Tarha series. This time, we’re putting on a full workshop on photography to be delivered by a friend, professional photographer Nikoll Long-Carr. The registration was opened yesterday and it was already filled in less than 3 hours. We’d like to thank everyone who was very enthusiastic in joining. 
To know more about the workshop we titled “Through Your Eyes,” the website we made for it still up at MORNINGS.THEPINKTARHA.COM

We would like to thank our sponsors for this event. Piatto Italian Restaurant, whose management is very, very supportive of this endeavor. And some home baker friends… Ms. Cielo Algaeed of Cielo’s Sweet Treats and Ms. Cecile Perez of Dolce Cecilia. Their baked goodies will surely make our participants smile a lot!
So to the confirmed participants, see you! We are very excited to meet you, ladies!

To check out the happenings during the first workshop, “Blogging in Riyadh,” visit


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