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Winter time has definitely made it’s presence felt in the city. It’s now difficult to get up from bed in the morning, just because the cold keeps calling you back to bed. Coffee sales are up and laziness is in an all time high. Perhaps our bodies aren’t just made to combat the cold weather and that is why bears hibernate (Ano daw? Paki-konek nga!) Haha. Well, the Pink Tarha ladies will definitely be combating this winter season….in style! Here are our favorite winter style essentials for the season.
From Shoegarfreeruby’s (R) closet:

Violet, wool hat with a bow trim from Jasper Conrad
Black wool cap with bow from H&M
Black, knitted scarf from H&M
Wool hats are very ‘haute’ fashion forms this winter time. Kick your outfits up a notch with pretty hats that will keep your heads warm and pair it with a knitted scarf to complete the look, just like R does. Since our heads are the most visible parts of our body when we’re out in public (because we are in our abayas), hats and scarves are the accessories we can do away with.
From Maryhadalittlehump’s (M) closet:
Stripe sweaters from MNG and The XDye Knitwear
These three sweaters are M’s favorites. Since she is a slim lady, stripe patterns do well for her. Colors this season are particularly dark and plum-ish. The green one is reserved for Christmas gatherings. Layer these sweaters over a crisp, white blouse and you got yourself a trendy top to go to work with.
From Eyecandy’s (E) closet:

Cotton scarves (and one silk scarf) from Debenhams and Marks & Spencer.
E is big on scarves. It’s her favorite accessory during winter (apart from boots and gloves). A good pop of color always go well with her abaya with a scarf, you can’t go wrong! It’s simple and the color you choose shows a little personality. E’s favorite scarf is the pink one (Pink Tarha represent, represent yo!). Boots are also big this season, though we’re still waiting for the sale season to get ourselves new pairs of boots. We’re still clacking away with our old ones…when we got them though, we’ll sure feature it!
Other staple winter apparels are ponchos, socks, stockings, leg warmers and gloves. Be sure to have one handy or else you might freeze! A special someone to give you warm hugs are beneficial too. Paano na lang ang ilan sa amin na malamig ang pasko? I guess it’s just layers and layers of clothing for us then! Haha.
Sundrenched (S) is in the Philippines at the moment so we weren’t able to get her favorites photographed. It was E by the way who took these pictures at her family’s living room adorned with Christmas decor. Can you feel the Christmas spirit yet or what?!
Keep warm! :)

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  1. I buy my winter attire during my annual vacation in the Philippines. I don't like the quality of what they're selling here in Saudi Arabia. Hindi din maganda ang fit niya. I just love wearing light jackets from Bench and Penshoppe coz they're trendy. Wala ding kaparehas so maganda maglakad lakad sa Al Khobar with your stylist light jackets! Maraming maiinggit heheheheh…

  2. I can relate most with E's fashion style as I am partial to scarves, pashminas and boots as well :) And yes, do keep warm you girls!

  3. Cool! Ooops. I didn&#39;t mean to say that.<br /><br />Except for the scarves, I don&#39;t think the rest of your wardrobe will keep you from the cold. I thought they&#39;re so manipis!<br /><br />I don&#39;t know how true but for your headgear to keep you warm, it shoud also cover your ears.<br /><br />Maginaw na nga. Tataas na naman ang laundry bills natin dahil sa mga jackets and sweaters.<

  4. @braggart_21: Too bad you don&#39;t enjoy the quality of winter apparel here. The European brands are quite good, in our opinion. <br /><br />@Pinky: Thanks Ms. Pinky! Keep warm as well. :)<br /><br />@Nebz: Nebz, those are of course pieces of an entire outfit..of course if that&#39;s all we wore, we will surely chatter our teeth out in the cold. thank goodness for layering!

  5. my two &quot;must-have&quot; items for winter: fedora hat(from zara) and paddington jacket (from merger). don&#39;t you just love the weather?!

  6. kahit hindi nagwinter dito useful ang green scarf at muffler na pinadala mo sa akin E. ^^ polkadots pa cmon!

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