Power Shopping (Part II)

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend right? But for an average-earning, single OFW like me, shopping is this girl’s best friend.

Okay, okay! I know that this sale season has got my shopping frenzy off the charts…and I mean OFF.THA.CHARTS. Still, I’d like to believe that I am somewhat logical with my purchases because they are on sale (at ridiculous prices, might I add) plus, I know that it’s still within my budget (classic excuse of a shopaholic?!). This is the second installment of my Power Shopping series. I am hoping it won’t be a trilogy. (Eeek, crosses fingers!)

Accessories galore:

Accessories from Miss Selfridge, Claire’s, Accessorize and New Look
All of my purchases from Miss Selfridge are at 9SR (see cocktail rings, brown flower necklace, ribbon and button earrings and the turquoise chandelier earrings). From Accessorize, I got a floral bangle for 9SR, “gong” earrings for 12SR, a topaz capiz necklace for 14SR and some black and gold bangles for 13SR. One item from New Look was a white heart necklace for only 10SR while Claire’s was super ridiculous that they had items for sale for only 1SR! Yes, you read it right, 1SR! (see the bronze round earrings and the square silver hoops were both for 1SR!) Red layered necklace was 5SR from Claire’s.
Black, fringed sandals with bronze studs from New Look
It’s a crossbreed of the gladiator-look trend plus the everything-with-fringe/tassle mania that has hit fashionistas worldwide. This pair is special because the salesman from New Look (Kuya, whatever your name is, I will always think of you while I wearing these shoes) gave me an extra “discount” on this pair. Originally priced at 269SR, I checked out this baby for only 40SR!!!
Brown, leather, gladiator shoe boot also from New Look
I swear it is like gladiator meets Texas. I absolutely ADORE this pair and the fact that it was only for 40SR got me stark raving maddd! Now, only if there was an event I could wear this to…

Tops and Dresses:

Tank tops from Dorothy Perkins, 10SR each.

Gray, cashmere cardi from Dorothy Perkins: 75SR (I know it’s a bit pricey still, it’s CASHMERE people!) FYI: It used to be priced at 230SR.

Cream satin top from Dorothy Perkins, old price: 180SR, sale price: 45SR!

Purple gypsy top from New Look. ‘Would love to wear this to a beach outing or somewhere sunny. Can be a dress or oversized top. Original price: 159SR. Sale price: 30SR!

Floral sunday dress from Dorothy Perkins: Original price: 275SR. Sale price: 68SR. And guess what? I returned to the mall a week after buying this, and I saw that it even went down to 50SR. Imagine!!? Kalurkey.
See, since booze and clubbing are illegal in this part of the world, I turn to shopping as my next best thing. So sue me! haha. In all fairness naman, I only become this “shopping amazona” during the sale season. Especially when prices are uber ridiculous already, you’d be crazy not to think twice about checking it out.
I am really apprehensive that there would be a Part III to the Power Shopping series because last Wednesday, I read that Citymax is at 50% off for summer clearance, and that there are Ramadan Kareem sales everywhere. Plus, S said that she was able to purchase two pairs of 9SR shoes yesterday at F&F. I can almost hyperventilate just typing about it. It doesn’t help that it was just salary day last Thursday.


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  1. Anonymous Reply

    seriously? the sale season isnt over??? waaahhhhhhhh…..for British purposes, I&#39;m on house arrest!<br /><br />- the doctor is thin –

  2. Hey that Sunday floral dress by DP is goodlooking. I wonder if my mom would love it.<br /><br />(And I&#39;m imagining your tiger-ly look while reading this. Hey, my mom is only 76! and she dresses well too kaya nga lang the last DP dress I bought her is too deep in the neckline. She actually laughed when she tried it on because she realized she&#39;s missing her boobs. Nanay ko talaga!)

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Im now your avid follower….I really love shopping especially that its my first time to experience such big big discounts on high end shops. <br /><br />lhu

  4. @ the doctor is thin: i&#39;m going out tonight, i will let you know if there are still some out there. :)<br /><br />@ Nebz: how old d&#39;ja think I am…91?!? bwahahaha. ;)<br /><br />@ Anonymous/lhu: welcome! we&#39;re planning to put up a &quot;Shopaholics Anonymous&quot; club. haha.. 😀 stay tuned.

  5. Oh yeah put up a shopaholics anonymous club.<br />lol. <br />i&#39;d join. so cool.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Do you guys get paid to shop? I&#39;d love your job.

  7. @ ec: My mother keeps telling me to tell you that I am probably bigger than you are nowadays. (minus the bustline) And I keep dodging it coz it&#39;s probably true ^^ <br /><br />Try not to hyperventilate too much, magastos sa bulsa mo. ^^

  8. i love the floral bangle <br />lalo na yung purple top!<br />whew!<br />sale season..<br />one thing i miss in dubai… <br />hehehehe

  9. Anonymous Reply

    Shopaholics anonymous club? Sounds interesting….<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />lhu

  10. Di ako maka relate hehehe, wala kasi akong hilig mag shopping, tapos wala pang mall dito 😀

  11. Anonymous Reply

    Ramadan Kareem sales WHERE?!?!?<br /><br />-Fellow Shopaholic-

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