Berry Romantic

Ramadan Kareem!

Now that Ramadan has started, don’t be surprised to see the malls decked with lanterns (not to be confused with the Christmas lanterns okay?) and lamps. Last year, the highlight of decorations was the royal color of violet. Is it the color of Ramadan? Anyway, speaking of colors…

A few weeks ago, the PT Ladies’ (minus Eyecandy who had her much-needed day off) “dress up Monday” theme was “colorful,” the opposite of the power dressing attire we had. We didn’t know if it was ESP or cosmic timing or coincidence that we arrived in berry-colored blouses! Not really colorful enough because we lacked the other rainbow colors so we tweaked the theme to “Berry Romantic” instead. Hehe, girls can change their minds yes? Versatility ang tawag d’yan. 😛 Berry colors like purple, plum, blueberry, and lavender abound. If only we’re wearing dresses, it could have been more romantic! Hehe. (Asa pa!)

Drama much?!

The berry colorful ladies now:

On Maryhadalittlehump: Purple polo shirt ZARA Pink pullover BERSHKA Gray slacks PAPERDOLLS Headband ACCESORIZE Bangles PARFOIS On Shoegarfreeruby: Short sleeve jacket PAPERDOLLS Floral top and eyeglass necklace TOPSHOP Pants CITYMAX Patent teal shoes OASIS Hair pin and button earrings H&M On Sundrenched: Plaid polo and black skinny jeans CITYMAX Maroon flats PARFOIS Headband ACCESORIZE

Fine, we couldn’t wear dresses but there’s always hope for lady-like and romantic themes in this side of the warm world. Berry colors helped in bringing out the ladies in us. It’s probably safe to say that the Pink Tarha Girls are now Pink Tarha Ladies! Oh, how we’ve grown up… nah! 😛

Now that we’re done with a little bit of color… yathink we’ll switch to something dark yet again on the next Collage Week?! Stay tuned!


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  1. sobra na akong nacu-curious sa PT Girls na to…<br /><br />sana next time… close up pix naman… hmmmm.. pwede?<br /><br />Ramadan Kareem!

  2. hehehe that&#39;s why I always call you PT Ladies intead of Girls.. You are very lady-like.. I so love shoegarfreeruby&#39;s shoessssesss.. :P<br /><br />Ramadan Kareem!..

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