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How hard is it to pull off a corporate look? It takes a lot of effort especially if you’re one of the Pink Tarha Ladies. We do not like wearing the executive look because they’re way too much effort-ful to conjure. We’re doubtful if we can last a day in it. Our Collage Week on neutrals was the most formal we can get ourselves to wear. Corporate dressing? Not for us. We only wear them once in a blue moon, or when a challenge to power dress comes. Like last Monday!
The challenge was to come to work in a power dressing aka corporate mode. We had visions of tight pencil skirts and sky-high pumps like those working girls you see in the Makati Central Business District but of course, we have to subdue everything here. Subtlety goes a long way anyway. Here’s how powerful we can get:

The Pink Tarha Ladies Tigresses
(Mary is still absent due to sickness. But she’s doing well now, folks!)

Shoegarfreeruby‘s eclectic mix of colors

Batwing cardigan H&M Blue and white smock dress CITYMAX Black slacks (old) Gladiator sandals H&M Bag BETSEYVILLE by Betsey Johnson Black headband BERSHKA Earrings MS. SELFRIDGE Watch CASIO BABY G

Even if black and white is the main theme of the day, R ventured off the world of usual power dressing by incorporating color to her wardrobe. Her bag is definitely not something you’ll see in the corporate ladder but so what?! If you have a bag like that, don’t you get the attention worthy enough to get you to the top?

Eyecandy‘s touch of ‘rock it!’

White polo and black round vest MARKS&SPENCER Ash gray plaid slacks RED HERRING (Debenhams) Black patent mary jane PEACOCKS Red crocodile purse LIZ CLAIRBORNE Black lace headband FOREVER 21 Grey plastic bangle CITYMAX Dogtag necklace CENTREPOINT Crystal drop-earrings ACCESSORIZE

Black, white, and grey… learn the most basic in corporate attire but don’t stop there. Take E’s cue on making the look yours by infusing your own style. She’s still the rockin’ and rollin’ girl with her go-getter, always upbeat attitude. The red clutch, the floral headband, and the dangling earrings make quite a statement don’t cha think? They catch the eyes of the beholder… and those looks will probably linger for more than just a while.

Sundrenched‘s classic approach

Blazer MS (Centrepoint) White tee ZARA Black wide-leg slacks NEW LOOK Black pumps F&F Mode Layered bead necklace PROMOD Black hand bag Thrifted from HARAJ

She’s the only one who wore the blazer but to minimize the formality of it all, S chose to scrunch her sleeves to 3/4 and wore a basic white tee under. With a layered necklace and high heels, who cares if her black and white ensemble is your ordinary take on corporate look?

It might take a while for us to wear the corporate attire again but it sure is hell fun to become “powerful” for a day. Where’s our whips? Whapakkkk! ;P


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  1. power look nga ang ganyan.<br /><br />I always go to work in collared blouse and skirt pag summer and black panatalon with collar blouse again with a pull over on top.<br /><br />Minsan napagkamalan akong Madame, hindi katulong, haha.<br /><br />Saka respetado ka anywhere if you got that &quot;power corporate look&quot;;<br />ika nga, fashionista ang dating, hindi skinny jeans and tshirts.<br />

  2. Hi, I like these :)<br /><br />Do we have a forever 21 here in Riyadh??<br />If we do can you please tell me where it is?

  3. @Franceska: Yes, the corporate look and business attire evoke a lot of respect from others. VIP treatment pa ang ibibigay sayo if you wear this.<br /><br />@Sama: Hi there! Thanks for reading our blog. No, sorry, there&#39;s no Forever 21 here in Riyadh. We got our Forever 21 stuff in Al Rashid Mall in Al-Khobar. :)

  4. pretzel bollocks Reply

    a peachy day to the pink tarha team! your blogs are really amazing. the restaurant reviews, the sights and the shopping scenes make one feel as if he&#39;s/she&#39;s right in the middle of the action in riyadh. although i&#39;m a guy (straight as an arrow), the way you instill good fashion sense among your female readers is not, in your words, &quot;effort-ful to conjure&quot; and easily

  5. @Pretzel Bollocks: Glad that you enjoy our female-centric blog even if you&#39;re straight as an arrow guy. 😛 Yeah, we are thinking of putting fashion entries for guys. We&#39;re currently looking for models! Anyone care to apply?! 😛

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